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Kids These Days

Have you ever noticed that kids can be like cats? I don't mean the drag queen/puke on your shoes/show off the arse kind of behaviour... no no. I'm talking about that innate sense cats seem to have when it comes to picking out people who do not like the feline family. Of course that's the person Froo-Froo-Cuddly-Poops will hone in on and terrorize.

Yeah. I'm lucky enough to be like that. With children though, not with cats.

I dislike children. A lot. I used to fill pages in our communications book at The Pit with rants about the kids that would wander in, either supervised or not, and wreak absolute havoc in my store. They just... gah... they make my skin crawl!!
Now don't misunderstand. I love my nieces and nephews but family is always the exclusion to the rule and at the end of the day I still don't want any of my own.

What I'm eventually leading up to here, is that today on my way home, I was attacked and random-hugged by a little girl in the parking lot of our building. And, as the term 'random' would indicate, there was no discernible reason.

What draws them in, I wonder? What makes kids act like cats?

Why me?

On the other hand... I really do love cats.
I'm not really a Starbucks fan. Never have been and as a result my appreciation for flavoured coffee is rather stunted in its development. The same goes for iced coffee, unless you consider hot coffee that went cold several hours ago the same thing. Anyways, I was messing about in the kitchen and came across several things that I wanted to use up. The following recipe was the result... sorry that I don't have a picture to share (I drank it all before that even crossed my mind).

1 cup milk
1/2 tsp. instant coffee
4 tsp. Nutella
1 Tbsp. sugar
1 cup ice

whipped cream
chocolate syrup
cocoa powder

Make It:
Hold back on the garnishes but toss everything else into your blender. Turn up your kitchen tunes so you can still enjoy them while you blend the mix until it's smooth. Pour into a tall glass and garnish to your heart's desire. You can also show a little more flair if you aren't as lazy as I am or if you're making this for guests and swirl a line of chocolate syrup inside your glass before you fill it. Yum!!

Due to the Nutella you get a nice hazelnut flavour in your beverage so it's not necessary to use flavoured instant coffee. You can, of course, do whatever the heck you want, even mix flavours like Irish Cream instant.

I did not use the full amount of sugar I listed because I tend to like things a little more bitter than most folks. Feel free to adjust.

Despite the fact that I wanted to use up things in my pantry, I've now added things to my shopping list so I can always have the ingredients on hand for summer.
So here I am once more... it's been a while, not that that comes as a surprise.

Just returned home from the Comic and Entertainment Expo in Calgary. Thank God hubby had purchased tickets in advance (internet, you are a wonderful thing) because Expo staff ended up turning people away at the doors. A severe underestimation of how many people would be out embracing their geek... what could have caused this sudden influx? Surely not the full original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation appearing together for the first time in over 20 years? Bah! Who'd want to see Sir Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Wil Wheaton and Denise Crosby anyways?

Long story short: the weekend was full of win!!

Hubby has flown away to Virginia as of this morning for work... again. I (along with everyone else at his office) am really learning to dislike anything to do with this particular job. Can we say clusterf*ck? Why yes, yes we can. Very loudly, in fact...
Anyways, I'm on my own for two weeks until hubby returns. Looking forward to my solitude.

Wait... What?

I'm so confused.

Apparently, I'm not the only one because I just had two Trick-or-Treaters at my door. Yes, really.

Did I miss something major?



Totally random, yes, but worth a wee bit of a share.

Today on deviantart I happened across a piece of My Little Pony fanart. This is not unusual - Ponies are huge right now for some reason that I do not understand (but also no longer examine as I've fallen in with the masses). The piece was well done; obviously fanmade but still in keeping with Lauren Faust's 'vision'. I had no feelings one way or the other about the piece. However, the COMMENTS made me outright laugh.


I appreciate the historical accuracy of this piece.


I don't know why it struck me as so bloody funny but the first thing I did when I read that was snerk behind my hand. Now... I enjoy ponies but don't you think some people take it a little too seriously?
 So I'm married now.

It's legal and all that jazz, but I really don't feel any differently than before. I dunno, I guess eight years and my generally apathetic nature have toned down the 'newly wed' idea. It's similar to when people ask on your birthday how it feels to be another year old, as if over night all the aging from the past 365 days has been waiting until just that moment to make itself known. Of course, I'm happy to have made it once more around the sun but do I feel any differently? Not bloody likely.

Anyways, the husband is out of the country for business. Not really complaining... I get to be lazy and neglectful of things like supper and careful management of sheets and pillows on the bed; it's glorious sleeping right in the middle with a pillow fort. I've always been the more independent of 'us' so I enjoy my solitude. My imagination always keeps me entertained. And boy is it ever having a ball with this...

Noblesse - Son Jae Ho & Lee Gwang Su (author and artist) Korean Manhwa

See, I've recently discovered manga sharing sites (something Hubby was aware of but remained silent about decided he didn't want to be the reason I sold my soul to the internet... I can't blame him). Yes, I realize that probably everyone and their dog already knew about them - I do lead a sheltered life, even with the interwebs - so I'm not about to expound upon the wonders of these sites. Noblesse, however, is something I really want to make a point of mentioning.

It's among the most atypical "vampire" mangas/manhwas out there. It does not focus on the blood-sucking aspect, in fact the author kind of explains that away. There's no helpless/stupid/irritating female lead character who has no choice but to fall victim to the handsome vampire's whims... come to think of it there is no romance. There's no tragically outcast vampire who has abandoned the evil ways of his brethren. There's no real jerk-bitch characters that make permanent appearances. The story is... different and intriguing. And funny when you least expect it but not in places that humour doesn't belong. It's masterfully drawn and in colour (mostly).
And, of course, there are plenty of hot-damn hot guys for me to inappropriately objectify. *drool* Um, hello M-21? I certainly don't wish to have babies with you but I would happily be your sex slave! Yum! I figure after all that experimentation you're probably sterile anyways.

But seriously, all drooling aside, this is a genius piece of work!

And you should go read it.

Would You Belive in a Tale Like This?

Also, today is my Mum's birthday...

Happy Birthday Mum! You are an amazing lady!


Here I am trying my damnedest to finish off our wedding invites and the internet keeps distracting me. Am I doing anything constructive? Not by a long shot.... no research, no writing, not even emails to family or friends. Just a plain old diversion. I swear it's a conspiracy to make me go nuts.... Stupid interwebs...

I'm on to you....


I must find the box that all my journal were packed into. My plot-bunnies are going RAMPANT and they have to be released on paper! Gah! Stupid moving day, I don't know where anything is aside from the things that I can't use!


Getting settled in my new city and new home....

But more importantly, I've just found Farscape on Netflix and I'm geeking out a little bit!
Hello wasted time!